Live the life you want to live!

19 Aug


Time flies when you are having fun! Why does summer go by so fast?  Why does life seem to fly by in the first place? As one ages, and it doesn’t matter what age we start school, our days, weeks, months, and years seem to pick up pace and just fly by.

My theory is that the more you enjoy what you do, the faster your days pass by. If we love our job, marriage, parenting, family, learning, etc. then life is easy, usually calm, and time flies! If we have significant challenges, choose the wrong job, don’t enjoy our children, and don’t have an optimistic support group, getting from one day to the next can be unbearable.

Some suggestions for enjoying life:

1. Surround yourself with happy, optimistic people.  If you can’t find any you are looking in the wrong place.  “To live the life you want to live, hang out with the people who are living that life”- Robin Sharma

2. If you hate your job, change.  Not necessarily the job, but that might be necessary. I suggest you change yourself.  Come in with a new attitude, meet some new people, talk to your boss, but stop doing the same thing over and over.

3. Are you immediate family relationships healthy? If not, don’t ignore them. You can choose your friends, but not your family.  Life is short so don’t wast time. Plan something special, take a vacation, seek counseling if necessary, but this is mandatory for you to stay healthy.

4. Look forward to something! Whether it is a vacation, a purchase, an event, a dinner out, or a golf game. Plan your life or your life will plan itself. Taking everything for granted is okay sometimes, but planning on a wonderful life is much better.

All the best,

Dr. Brian Wallace


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